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Create a life that sets you free


Institute for Self Crafting is for people who believe this world is so much more than what the mainstream paradigm is offering. This is for anyone who is ready for immediate change to live your most desirable life.

Institute for Self Crafting values Contribution, Authentic Connection and a Self Crafted Life.

Everything here is designed to inspire and support you to take actions that set you free from the boring, limiting boxes that everyone else is tolerating. 

Self Crafting is the process of eliminating the blockages that keep you from being everything you could be.

Learn how to use traditional wisdom in the areas of mental, environmental, emotional, physical and spiritual health to build a life overflowing with benefits. Relieve and remove anxieties, filling the place in yourself where they used to be with wellness, compassion, ease and joy.

You're invited :

Calling all seekers who believe that there's more to life than what the current, mainstream paradigm offers. For those who know there has to be more to life and are willing to actualise it!

You’re a person who wants more than a mediocre life, but sometimes find it difficult to balance the life you’re living!

Perhaps you're a person who refuses to abide by the disconnected, limited, degradation of community and growth that our current culture personifies. Do you simply desire something MORE – more passion, more purpose, more freedom, more of the best parts of life, and less of the stuff that holds you back..?

We are building a space for collecting the wisdom of those who came before; for sharing the knowledge of those who live now; for holding and deepening our own innate understanding of what it means to be a human being, at this time, in this life, with this experience right now.

Hi, I’m Hollie Bakerboljkovac, an off-grid bus living, luna-loving, hands-free parenting, outdoor obsessed, real food eating, constantly moving wife and mama with a passion for unbound and unlimited life. I've spent my entire adult life dedicated to natural wellness, holistic living and delving into the Mysteries of what it is to be a human Self.

I hold a respectful disregard for the status quo, mainstream culture; I promote choice and support anyone who's committed to a Self Crafted Life. In my daily life I'm a Counsellor and Coach, working/walking on the edge of the Wilderness; both physically and metaphorically. Between daily life, I encourage and hold spaces for community education on the topics of Nature Wisdom, Holistic Living and the Mysteries.

We might adore each other if:

  • you’re a rebel to ‘the System’
  • you prefer natural, ethical, everything that respects the Earth
  • you’re pro-choice and free-speech
  • you love nature, animals and the seasons – or at least, you wish you could love it
  • you support locally grown produce, makers and people with integrity and hate  the idea of big business crushing the little guy (or gal)
  • you appreciate inclusion and believe everyone has a right to be whoever and whatever they want to be

Institute for Self Crafting is my offering to the creatives of the world; the weavers, the dreamers, the wondrous ones who have decided to choose to be all they came here to Be. This Self Crafted Life network is the online space for the same.

Coaching to your Best Self 

Self Crafted Life is a space for the practice of prioritising your Self. Among the halls and labyrinths of this network, you will find tools for a life that sets you free. Here you can learn ways to live well, share your reflections and listen deeply to the stirrings of your own innate wisdom. Align with the Rhythms of Nature and your Self. Commit to being the change you wish to see in the world.

Education and Events for Women

Wise Gatherings promotes the preservation of nature wisdom and skills in holistic living. Although Wise Women Gathering is our premiere event, held on the third weekend of May every year, in the majestic Hawkesbury Valley, this network allows us to continue the sharing of wisdom and culture online. 

The Self Crafted Life network shares education from the community of wisdom keepers associated with Wise Gatherings. Wisdom Gathering Journal is dedicated to promoting the work of professionals in the field of Traditional Wisdom Keeping. Papers are collected from educators who have presented at Wise Gatherings Conferences.

We promise to continue to preserve the wisdom of those who came before.

An ever-growing safe space for anyone who believes that we are the people we've been waiting for

Self Crafted Life is a network with unlimited potential and a key to a sustainable and beauty-full world.

You're invited to join us...